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ERP for Manufacturer

How to choose a Manufacturing ERP Software?

Before the trees are cleared, the foundation is poured, and any siding or beams are put into place, a surveyor goes out and surveys the land before any home or neighborhoods are constructed. What is he looking for? He’s checking the drainage system, the flood plains, the quality and density of the soil, how to […]


Benefits of an ERP for the Construction Industry

The Benefits of an ERP for the Construction Industry

Are you using separate software applications for estimating, scheduling, risk management, and other activity? Does the estimating program talk to the financing program? Does scheduling talk to risk management? How much duplicate data entry and updates take place every day? That’s a good way to introduce errors into the system and to waste time that […]


ERP solution

3 Essential ERP Systems You Need to Compare

The search for an ERP system is a long and daunting process that usually takes a few months but it is critical to make sure you take the right decision since it will impact your business for the next few years and sometime decades. If you make the right choice, it will streamline your processes, […]


Manufacturing ERP: How To Calculate your ROI

How To Calculate an ROI for your Manufacturing ERP?

This guide is specific for small to medium manufacturers looking to enhance their business through increased productivity, company-wide visibility, and revenue. The following information will assist you in calculating your Return on Investment (ROI) with the aid of an ERP software system. What is an ERP system? ERP systems make processes more efficient and reduce […]