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Industry-Specific ERP for
the Construction Industry

ABIS combines the most powerful ERP software with
30+ years of best-practices to maximize your profits.


Our clients include

Schulte Building Systems
Lucas Metal Works
Reeds Metal of Benton


ABIS Advantages for the Construction Industry

ABIS is the only ERP software that has been designed based on Industry best practices. ABIS knows the Construction Industry like no other ERP provider and will put into your business the most performing processes on the market.


Job Cost

Item Control/Inventory Management

Job Cost Analysis ERP Construction Industry

item control ERP Construction Industry

Gives you the ability to track cost revenue information down to the fine detail for every job and streamline the entire process. Know where your bid proposals and projects stand with up-to-minute status reports. Whether you invoice on a completed contract or a percentage of completion, Job Cost will handle all billing requirements.

This scalable inventory and item management solution tracks inventory levels, costs, prices, transaction history, inventory locations, and much more. Complex pricing for purchasing and sales is easily maintained through separate item pricing and product groups. Search features make finding similar/substitution items a breeze.


Mobile Workforce Automation

Task Management

mobile workforce ERP Construction Industry

task management ERP Construction Industry

The Mobile Workforce module allows field techs and other service workers to track and enter their work while they are out in the field, on the job. Additionally, supervisors and other management can utilize this platform while on the go using a tablet. It eliminates paperwork by automating data collection and increases the productivity of your entire workforce.Adjutant’s Task Management module is designed to eliminate dropped balls. Whenever something needs to be done in your organization, simply input a task in Adjutant and assign it to the appropriate resource. Adjutant will automatically follow up and make sure the task gets done on-time and in budget.

Project Management

Time Billing

project management ERP Construction Industry

time billing ERP Construction Industry

This multi-functional, flexible tool lets you set a budget for every phase within a project and monitor the associated labor, material, subcontract, general expense, and overhead costs with an easy to use layout. Easily track tasks and shipping events within a project and also tracks linked orders, material usage, and buyouts.Manage time, budgeting, and client billing through this powerful module. Adjutant tracks both billable and non-billable time of human or equipment. It also tracks expenses and material used on a job for billing purposes and integrates with Project Tracking, Contracts Mgmt, Purchasing, Inventory, and Accounts Receivable.

“Processes that once took hours now take minutes; others that once took minutes now take seconds. Investing in a system with the flexibility and formability of Adjutant has been key in increasing our efficiency and accuracy in many departments.”


Kyle Parrish, VP, United Structures of America