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ABIS’ utilities software system is a fully integrated, highly scalable solution for managing asset life cycles ABIS solutions provide innovative technologies to optimize work processes Track resources variations with an automated inventory module ABIS solutions are available on any device to allow a seamless coordination between your teams

Manage assets, optimize resources

Asset Management - Utilities

ABIS’ Utilities Software System is a fully integrated, highly scalable solution for managing asset life cycles. Track and manage the life cycle of water, wastewater, public works, facilities and many other assets. The system is fully integrated with every other functionality within the software, which enables automatic, live updates for every department.  Smart and dynamic, the software analyzes the history of staff, schedules, work orders and equipment to optimize resources and help you make informed decisions. User-friendly, it fully integrates workflows, streamlines cost tracking and operational accounting, gives real-time enterprise-wide visibility and reliable guidelines for regulatory compliance.

Asset Tracking Manage worklows Streamline Processes




Control work management, streamline workflows

ABIS’ solutions provide innovative technologies to optimize work processes. It is the ultimate tool to manage your in-house and mobile workforce and increase their performance. The system leverages a powerful tracking technology that enables more accurate inventories, dynamic scheduling and real-time costs and activities reporting.  The wireless connectivity gives you real-time visibility of mobile work-in-progress information and allows you to make better dispatch decisions. Seamless integration with other software modules gives your entire workforce immediate access to client and site information, contractual obligations, project information, and much more.

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Manage In-House
and Mobile Workforce

Work Status

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Automate stock levels, ensure correct pricing

Inventory Tracking

ABIS powers a simplified solution for entering and tracking labor, equipment, and materials on a task-by-task basis. Integration with Item Control, Contract Management, and Client Billing features, assures correct pricing and accurate inventory tracking. Solution Codes may be used to flat rate service orders and automatically enter default records of work performed. Serialized items posted to a service order are logged as assets and automatically updated with their new location. Parts issued on a working service order or standard task are automatically tied to Time and Material and only require a “quantity-used” update. Labor entries are directly tied to employee timesheets and intelligent controls prevent data entry errors. The architecture behind the Time and Material module is based on efficiency and accuracy and it serves as the workhorse behind job costing, billing, asset service history, and more.

Accurate Inventory Asset Localization Smart Control System


Precise Asset

Control System




Unlike any other ERP, ABIS developed 150+ functionalities upon industry best-practices to put together the most performing ERP within your industry.


Bill of Material

Time and Material

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Work Order Management

Time and Material

Item Configurator
Component Order Entry

Business Process

Controls workflow through issuance and assignment of work orders, and provides immediate in-house and wireless access to information regarding performance which allows for establishment or responsive addition of required actions such as preventive maintenance Tracks labor, equipment, and materials on a task-by-task basis, assuring correct pricing, accurate inventory, and error-free labor entries Simplifies component order entry, routing and Bill of Material design based on selected features and options. This feature ensures consistency and eliminates errors by offering guidance in selecting the best item options/choices Considered as the backbone of enterprise management, it enables a deep analysis of business processes relationships with one another. Its advanced reporting capabilities and analysis that would not otherwise be available

General Ledger

Job Cost

Task Management

Payables Management

General Ledger

Job Cost

Task Management

Payables Management

Delivers features found only in the most advanced systems and designed to meet the needs of today’s proactive, growth-oriented companies. It is completely integrated with all modules and is the key to maximizing the efficiency and accuracy of your financial data Track cost revenue information down to the fine detail for every job/project. Know where your bid proposals and projects stands with up-to-minute status reports and once in progress, analyze actual to budget costs, allowing adjustments to maintain profitability throughout the job Whenever something needs to be done in your organization, simply input a task in Adjutant and assign it to the appropriate resource. Adjutant will automatically follow up and make sure the task gets done on-time and in budget Store, sort, and organize vendor and transactions information in a dynamic interface. The systems not only allows you to manage your company’s expenditures, it analyzes past activities to predict and offer the best course of action available, saving you both time and money



Remote Time Entry

Receivables Management



Remote Time Entry

Receivables Management

Assign and schedule any person, organization, room, asset, piece of equipment, etc. that you designate as a resource. Constrain assignments and scheduling based on skill sets and area availability and automatically notify resources of scheduling changes with integration into the AutoAlert module Facilitate the scheduling and management of a production work-flow environment. Manage the execution of a predetermined schedule and automatically update the schedule based on a variety of variables Whether you are using Adjutant for time billing, job costing, or just time management, there is a solution for your time tracking needs built into Adjutant. Input forms allow for Timesheets, Work Order Time Entry, or live punch-in / punch-out time tracking from any device. Provides instant access to all of your customer information. Overview in real-time customer balances, due totals, payment history on outstanding invoices, open credit, available credit, year-to-date and accumulated-to-date sales totals while processing an invoice

Tapping and Inspection

Document Imaging

Tapping and Inspections

Document Imaging

Adjutant’s Tapping and Inspections module is designed specifically for Operators of Water Utility Companies. Tracking of permit and inspection fees and scheduling of taps and inspections is just a couple of the functions of this very specialized module Provides organizations with a scalable solution focused on process-oriented imaging applications and image-enabling the entire Adjutant suite of products




ABIS solutions unify your operations on a single platform that helps you manage your operations with unmatched agility and performance.


Manage your projects

Manage your CRM

Manage your accounting

Manage your Business

Manage your Projects

Manage your CRM

Manage your Accounting

ABIS Business Management solutions give you the tools to improve processes and help your organization react quickly to new challenges and customer needs in a fast-moving environment Streamline the critical role of project management by receiving comprehensive real-time statuses on labor, materials, and overall job activity in a user-friendly interface. Take accessibility and responsiveness to your client base to a whole new level. Get better insights about your leads and customers and bring your business to the next level. ABIS does more than just manage assets and expenses or monitor cash flow, it puts the resources of an entire accounting department right at your fingertips.

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