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ERP for the Manufacturing Industry

ERP for the Manufacturing Industry To stay ahead of the competition, manufacturers must rely on cutting-edge technology to drive innovation and revenues. Strong of 30 years of experience withing the Manufacturing Industry, ABIS puts together the most comprehensive productivity tool and best-practices to help manufacturers achieve significant results.

  • Automate manufacturing and assembly lines from start to finish with built-in roll former
  • Departmentalize production work orders towards each department or line to save time on the production lines
  • Track and allocate needed parts from inventory with built-in Bill of Material
  • Mistake-proof logistics by requiring all materials to be loaded before a truck can ship
  • Use MRP capabilities to predict and anticipate future material needs
  • Know volume of inventory in live and integrate it to a GAAP accounting system

ABIS ERP & MRP Solution

ABIS is the only ERP software that has been designed based on Industry best practices. ABIS knows the Manufacturing Industry like no other ERP provider and will put into your business the most performing processes on the market.




Optimize schedules and routes, track every item and streamline entire logistics to maximize performance.

Product Lifecycle

Product Lifecycle

Oversee your product lifecycle and install the processes that increase profit margin.

Project Management

Project Management

Plan, schedule, manage your teams and assets to lead every project to completion.

Customer relationship

Customer Relationship

Manage your customers, feed your pipelines and harvest your efforts with a fully integrated CRM solution.

Purchase & Procurement

Order Management

Develop MRP capabilities to predict assets consumption, analyze purchase history and erase redundancy in your order process.


Inventory Management

Optimize inventory levels, anticipate the needs and never lose an asset ever again.



Manage assets, expenses and monitor cash flow to optimize resources.


“Processes that once took hours now take minutes; others that once took minutes now take seconds. Investing in a system with the flexibility and formability of Adjutant has been key in increasing our efficiency and accuracy in many departments.”


-Kyle Parrish, VP, United Structures of America

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