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ERP for the Metal Industry

ERP for Metal Industry Other software companies may try to make you believe that the Metal Industry is like other industries, but anyone who has been in the industry for any length of time knows that the requirements are unique. Our ERP was designed utilizing the experience of the founding and leading pioneers of the Metal Industry.

  • Monitor individual metal coils throughout their product life cycles
  • Quantify units of materials with measurement capabilities specifically customized to accommodate steel components
  • Imports Bill of Material (BOM) files into Microsoft Excel™ spreadsheets and then into the solution, where all BOMs are linked to sales and then tracked back to customer buildings
  • Increase efficiency and cost savings by reducing scrap, setups, and manual sheers; demonstrated to eliminate almost all scrap, dependent on the size of the operation
  • Capture all data points required for MBMA membership for every order, and automatically export and email the report file to the organization

ABIS ERP Solution

ABIS is the only ERP software that has been designed based on Industry best-practices. ABIS knows the Metal Industry like no other ERP provider and will put into your business the most performing processes on the market.




Optimize schedules and routes, track every item and streamline entire logistics to maximize performance.

Product Lifecycle

Product Lifecycle

Oversee your product lifecycle and install the processes that increase profit margin.

Project Management

Project Management

Plan, schedule, manage your teams and assets to lead every project to completion.

Customer relationship

Customer Relationship

Manage your customers, feed your pipelines, and harvest your efforts with a fully integrated CRM solution.

Purchase & Procurement

Order Management

Predict assets consumption, analyze purchase history, and erase redundancy in your order process.


Inventory Management

Optimize inventory levels, anticipate the needs and never lose an asset ever again.



Manage assets, expenses and monitor cash flow to optimize resources.


“Adjutant’s integration with other programs, like MBS, Questware, and AMS/Eclipse has saved us more time than I ever imagined. Getting a large job into the shop used to take two days; it now takes about 15 minutes.”


– Matt Stone, VP of Operations, Schulte Building Systems

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