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Customer Relationship Management. Invoicing. Opportunity Tracking. Sales Performance.

Take accessibility and responsiveness with your customers and clients to an unmatched level of interaction and collaboration. This custom-driven module provides personnel with up-to-date information to better serve the clients and decreases operating costs in the process.

  • Organize vendor and transaction information
  • Records and reports all facets of customer activity
  • Monitor sales activities and track opportunities in real-time
  • Automate invoicing processes
  • Manage marketing campaigns and track live results
  • Generate pre-determined opportunity tracking cycle
  • Organize lead follow-ups and automation strategy
  • And 500+ more applications
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Unlike any other ERP, ABIS developed 150+ functionalities upon industry best-practices to put together the most performing ERP within your industry.


Approval Tracking and Processing

Automated Alert System

Contract Management Software

Project Management


Automated Alert

Google Map™

Marketing Campaign

Facilitates efficient phone-based operations by providing instant access to all resources required to address questions and issues, and automatically routing callers to the department or individuals best equipped to serve them Streamlines customer-driven processes by providing personnel with better and more complete information to serve clientele; demonstrated to decrease operating costs, build more profitable interactions, and improve customer satisfaction by between 35-40% Incorporates maps and driving directions into screens where such information is needed, automatically mapping new locations and adding calculated drive times to appointments set in the calendar Targets an unlimited number of customers and prospects selected through diverse criteria, allowing them to be contacted using various forms of media; tracks the progress of marketing efforts via digital dashboards and key performance indicators

Ressource Scheduling

Task Management and Tracking

Commission Tracking and Management

Marketing Management

Opportunity Tracking

Billing and

Commission Tracking and

Creates and tracks marketing initiatives used for telemarketing, direct mail, and email, with available mail merge of standard letters and emails; downloads and imports suspect lists directly from providers via integration with Microsoft Excel™ Presents information based on customizable criteria for sales and marketing leads throughout a pre-determined cycle, monitoring and analyzing progress and results of deals for follow-up and analysis Creates invoices that can be either printed for mailing or automatically sent electronically, based on designated billing periods and tax and/or shipping information; maintains issued invoices for convenient reference Calculates all varieties of sales commissions according to customizable plans, with adaptability to make and record manual adjustments as needed






ABIS solutions unify your operations on a single platform that helps you manage your operations with unmatched agility and performance.


Manage your projects

Manage your accounting

Manage your Production


Manage your Projects

Manage your Accounting

Manage your Production

Manage your Business

Streamline the critical role of project management by receiving comprehensive real-time statuses on labor, materials, and overall job activity in a user-friendly interface ABIS does more than just manage assets and expenses or monitor cash flow, it puts the resources of an entire accounting department right at your fingertips Rely on 30 years of experience in the manufacturing and metal industries to power your business with assessed best-practices from your industry to reduce costs and increase profitability ABIS Business Management solutions give you the tools to improve processes and help your organization react quickly to new challenges and customer needs in a fast-moving environment

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