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Why the Metal Industry Needs ERP Software

As a business, ABIS, Inc. understands that every industry is unique. This is why we have designed our proprietary ERP software, Adjutant, with Industry best-practices in mind. Take the metal industry, for example. You will not have the same requirements in a metal business as you will in manufacturing business. Thankfully, we have designed Adjutant in such a way […]


This Week in Manufacturing: Reshoring Initiative, and Worker Shortage in the Construction Industry

Video of the week: Why some manufacturers are returning to the U.S. Let’s start this week with a success story from America’s Oldest Hat Maker: Bollman Hat. The company, created in 1868, has manufactured everything from fedoras to cowboy hats, and to this day you can still buy their 1880’s Collection Topper on their website. But […]


Why is Innovation so important for the Metal Industry?

When we talk about innovation today, we tend to think about the Silicon Valley, Google or Elon Musk.  But while all eyes are on the biggest technological hub of the planter, other industries keep pushing themselves towards perfection.  One of them, in particular, has shown a relentless effort to improve their products and processes over […]