ERP for the Manufacturing and Utility Industries
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30 years of collaboration

For 30 years, ABIS has been partnering with Global 500 companies to streamline their processes and optimize their competitivity. Over the years, those industry leaders have invested into Adjutant to perfect the world most complete software to run their operations.

Cutting-edge technology



Talented consulting team

30 years of best-practices

  Built upon those improvements, Adjutant is a suite of best-practices tailored to the needs of your industry. You stand on the shoulders of hundreds of successful businesses that found the most competitive way to run specific parts of their operations.

Adjutant is a collection of three decades of these best-practices.



30 years of customization

Unlike other ERP systems, ABIS is not an “out-of-the-box” solution that you will need to invest millions in to adjust to your business. We believe in collaborative sharing, meaning that the best-practices of any business will improve the software, and that any of ABIS’ client-partner will benefit from it.

Comprehensive training program



Durable and thorough support

For you.

Our objective is to make your business smarter, to help you achieve true and simple optimization of your processes. In 30 years, we believe that we have seen the best-practices in every industry that we serve.

Our goal today is to share this knowledge. Starting with you.





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