Adjutant Customer Relationship Mgt – (CRM)

Opportunity Tracking

The Opportunity Tracking System enables a sales and marketing rep to track his/her opportunities and leads throughout any customized cycle. Information such as lead source, projected close month, and total potential revenue can all be entered and subsequently utilized in searches and in reports (such as sales and lead projections). In addition, leads are distributed immediately to the appropriate sales rep so no opportunity is missed.

The Opportunity Tracking solution captures all of the critical elements of a sales opportunity for organizing, tracking and analyzing deals such as:

The stage of the opportunity.

Is it new or repeat business?

What is the probability for closing the deal?

What is the potential revenue?

Is there recurring revenue implications?

Who is the lead contact?

Is the opportunity focused on a single contact or a company account with multiple contacts?

Did we win or lose the deal? Why?

Virtually all of these elements are customizable to make the sales process and opportunity tracking fit your business.


Maintain a listing of everyone you need to touch base with today. Follow-ups are both date and time sensitive, for example if someone says call me back after lunch, the follow-up will only show up on your screen after the appropriate time. Full KPI’s and agings are available to track the follow-ups in the funnel.


Adjutant’s Marketing module is a web-enabled target marketing system that facilitates the initial processes in the sales cycle. Easily create and track campaigns that are used for telemarketing, direct mail, and email. Standard letters and emails can be generated with a mail merge feature. Telemarketers can enter notes and schedule follow-ups. It tracks user-definable fields, SIC codes, and other valuable marketing data.  Download suspect lists directly from providers such as Dunn and Bradstreet or InfoUSA and import directly into Adjutant with built-in integration with Microsoft Excel.

Campaign Management

Adjutant’s Campaign Management module allows the targeting of customers and prospects using various forms of media. You may target through an unlimited number of options including geographic territory, company size, past sales, or type of business. After a group has been targeted, you can then contact the group through automated emails, telemarketers, direct mail, or on-site visits. Manage the progress of the campaign by using digital dashboards and key performance indicators.

Sales Force Automation

Interacting directly with the Marketing module, Adjutant SFA is a purely web-based application requiring a single installation that supports your entire organization. Automate and monitor your inside and outside sales force with intelligent technology that combines the best features of many of today’s leading products. The user-friendly web format requires limited training time, making implementation a breeze. User-defined customization is easily accomplished using onscreen tools that control fields, screens, tabs, views, and security settings. Create and update detailed opportunities that track the entire sales cycle. Adjutant SFA is also available as a hosted solution for a cost-effective product that is ready to run as soon as you are.

Adjutant’s Sales Force Automation (SFA) application gives businesses the upper hand with their sales data. Comprehensive and easy to customize, Adjutant empowers companies to manage people and processes more effectively, so reps can close more deals. With Sales Force Automation, reps spend more time selling and less time on administration. Giving the sales reps fast access to data, sales manager’s visibility into activities of their reps, and executive’s accurate information so they can evaluate their company’s past performance while looking into the future.

Address Book

Adjutant’s unified Address Book is a comprehensive module that manages your sales prospects, customers, vendors, inventory owners, contacts, employees, and everyone else affecting your business. The Address Book is a foundational module in Adjutant; it is integrated with all other modules and supplies the organization and contact information for the entire system. Every contact is either an Organization or a Person. Attach notes, documents, pictures, etc. to any person or organization.  Wide-ranging and in-depth drill-down tools make finding information on any organization a simple task.

Email Templates

Save time by setting up pre-defined email templates to populate the subject, body, and signature of emails sent from the various modules in Adjutant.

Notes Inbox

Adjutant allows you to easily forward emails and notes from anywhere and any device. Simply forward an email with or without attachments and Adjutant will automatically put that note in the CRM, detach any documents, and store them in the document vault. Adjutant will search and match the email addresses in the email with people that are stored in the CRM so they attach to the correct prospects or customers.

Distribution Lists

Start each day knowing that the right people will get the right reports by utilizing Distirubution Lists. This feature allows setting up multiple contact records on a single list that can be selected during Automated Report setup.


Set up key reports to be sent out automatically to make sure the right people have the right information at all times.

Email Campaigns

Generate more business by setting up Email Campaigns to send Marketing E-blasts to targeted groups of customers.

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