Advanced Inventory

Coil Tagging And Tracking

Any company in the metal construction industry realizes the importance of tracking coils throughout their product life cycle. Adjutant’s coil tracking features automates this time-consuming and paperheavy process. Coils are assigned a special item attribute that prompts special reflexes throughout Adjutant which are unique to coil material. Receiving coil triggers special prompts and coil tag printing. Coil weight and unit cost conversions are handled uniquely with more options for seeing the weights and costs for coil. Also, there are special setup optimizations for handling coil that make processes like slitting and modifying quick and simple. Adjutant’s coil tracking features give you visibility into the entire life cycle of a coil, from it’s purchase to the last job it was used for.

It begins with purchasing. Purchasing information, including mill details, material details, and original measurement data is automatically stored for each coil using a unique lot number. Coil tag labels with critical details and bar code features are printed immediately upon receipt and may be reprinted at any time. Coil receipt default information can be defined which allow you to quickly and easily store valuable reporting and tracking information for each received coil.

Coils are simultaneously tracked in both pounds and lineal feet, and a separate cost per unit is stored for each. This built-in flexibility allows for deeper analysis of costs and additional reporting options.

Document Imaging allows documents to be stored either with the original purchase order, or directly with each unique coil. Each coil can have it’s own Document Vault that contain the critical documents and files, such as MTRs, available to review with the click of a mouse. No more searching through file cabinets or maintaining piles of paper documents for years and years.

Adjutant makes it easy to track every moment of a coil’s life cycle using a variety of reports and onscreen displays. Every system action affecting the inventory quantity or value of the coil is recorded and time-stamped for complete traceability. The coil history display contains all of the critical information, along with drill-down functionality into each associated document so you can research deeper just by clicking. Plus, the history log can easily be printed, emailed or exported to share with the necessary people.

Coil Processing

It is important to know the true costs of all coils in inventory. The Coil Processing module allows users to accomplish several tasks related to coil processing in one screen. You can associate multiple costs back to one or several coils, slit and crop, create new coil tags, transfer coils from one warehouse to another, and perform all other processing functions all in one screen. Coil Processing is fully integrated with Coil Tracking, Purchasing, Sales, and Inventory.  Accurately and easily place processing costs back into your inventory with the Coil Processing module.

Coil Lifecycle Tracking

From recipet to completed transactions coils can be tracked individually by lot number with a foot by foot history with cost, quantity and vendor/Customer info.

Catch Weight Management

Adjutant’s catch-unit functionality provides the ability to maintain a true dual unit of measure system for items that may require it. For example, metal coils are usually purchased by the hundred weight, but tracked and used by the foot. In this example, the system maintains the cost/foot for each item in inventory. When you relieve 500 feet of material, the system also relieves the appropriate hundred weight for that coil. If the ratio is a fixed formula, you can set a static ratio with the catch unit.  All conversions for purchasing, order entry, inventory, and billing are performed on the fly because of the seamless integration throughout the system.

Lot/Serialized Item Control

Control grouped items like coils or stacks of plates with lots numbers and single items like roofing punches with serial tracking.

Item Control – Custom Length Inventory

Streamline the way you handle inventory. Use one item code to track different configurations of a stocked part.

Item Control – Inventory Management

Adjutant’s Item Control is a scalable inventory and item management solution that tracks inventory levels, costs, prices, transaction history, inventory locations, and much more. Complex pricing for purchasing and sales is easily maintained through separate item pricing and product groups. The Item Control module also allows you to maintain costs on several levels and automatically update costs based on multiple variables.

Item Control is built for ultimate flexibility. A single item record can be configured uniquely to handle different accounting setups and even ordering criteria for separate warehouse locations or inventory owners. Price and Cost settings can be configured to track purchasing and selling in different units of measure, with all of the unit and value conversions happening automatically. Specialized cost options for tracking and reporting things like indirect costs or freight in/out are easily set up down to the item level.

Serialized items and lot-controlled item inventory levels can be tracked individually with complete history and traceability. Multiple transaction history and inventory movement pop-up displays with drill-down capability allow you to instantly get a complete picture of your inventory with ease.

Attach notes to any item that automatically print on purchase orders, quotes, sales orders, and invoices. Purchasing controls let you establish and track different criteria for each vendor. Easy-to-use item search features integrated throughout Adjutant make finding similar/substitution items a breeze.

Yard Map Inventory Locator

Adjutant’s Yard Map and Inventory Locator give a geographical representation of where items are being stored in the warehouse or yard. Never hunt again for where an inventory item has been stored. Also allows customers to view the location of their inventory that is stored at your location. This module is highly used in any business that performs services on customer’s tubular products.

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