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Adjutant has your complete load and route management software covered. Adjutant Delivery Routes is a powerful, fully integrated load and route management software system that can dramatically improve the way you do business.

Bill of Lading

Adjutant’s Bill of Lading module produces an industry standard, short-form Straight Bill of Lading. It tracks and prints bills of lading for sales order transactions shipped using an inside or outside carrier as well as warehouse transfers of stock material. Summary B/L and Loading Schedule reports provide added insight into your shipping processes. Bill of Ladings can be easily tied to Freight Purchase Orders to simplify the tracking of all freight costs, as well as linking them to the invoices that are processed in Accounts Payable. Signatures can even be electronically captured with time/date stamps for instant updating of online Bill of Lading forms.


Adjutant’s Expediting tracks all of your scheduled purchase orders with estimated receipt dates and sales orders with their estimated ship dates. Easily email or fax status requests to suppliers and find shortages and late shipments before they occur.

Fleet Management

This module allows your company to minimize the risks associated with vehicle investment, improving efficiency, productivity and reducing your overall transportation and staff costs. Coupled with the Preventive Maintenance module, it allows you to track your fleet and create maintenance schedules to allow your company to utilise their assets over their expected service lives.

Google Map Integration

Adjutant is integrated with Google’s mapping technology API. Whether you need to plot the location of a single customer or a whole group, Adjutant is able to handle the job. Easily calculate mileage or get directions from many Adjutant Screens, including order entry and CRM. Route mapping for task-based service tickets and delivery routes take advantage of Google Map integration to plot the quickest route and give you the best estimates for drive time.

Route Planning & Optimization

The route management module permits users to view the complete route or an individual order status, verify order shipment, allow item substitutions for out-of-stock orders, and print load tickets by order or bulk. In addition, item labels, invoices, and bills of lading are also available.

Load Management

Adjutant’s load management provides the inquiry of order statistics of a route based on weight and cubic measure. It allows for sales orders to be automatically assigned to trucks up to the maximum weight limit. Customer and ship-to records maintain routes by day of the week. You can display orders and create load sheets by these route designations.

Certificate of Analysis

Certificate of Analysis (COA) documents stay linked to items throughout their entire history in Adjutant, from production to sales, making it easy to provide for everyone in the life cycle of a product.

Hazmat Placards

Hazmat placards can be linked to item codes, ensuring that critical shipping and transportation documents are always accessible.

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ABIS was founded in 1983, and in the 40 years since, we have established our niche in the steel sector. Our team continues to build upon industry best practices to offer the most comprehensive, robust business process management software available – the Adjutant Software Platform. We’ve built ourselves on the premise that you shouldn’t need any more than one great software to effectively automate your operations, and we’re determined to spend the next 40 years continuing to make business smarter across North America.

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