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Metal-specific Features
  • Coil Tagging and Tracking

    ABIS helps you monitor individual metal coils throughout their product life cycles, reporting on activity and aggregate cost; it replaces confusing paperwork with digital updates provided via tags that can be printed at any time.

  • Coil Processing

    Incorporate multiple functionalities associated with metal coils, including slitting and cropping, creating new tags, transfer between warehouses, and processing costs back into inventory.

  • Component Order Entry

    Quantify units of materials with measurement capabilities specifically customized to accommodate steel components, and automatically handle pricing, sales tax, and production scheduling.

  • Rollformer Integration

    Consolidate the process of getting jobs into the shop by eliminating the need to manually key in data; the software interfaces directly with multiple brands of controlling software to compile coil and productivity information for entry to inventory, job cost, and production orders.

  • Shop Floor Routing

    Efficiently schedule your shop floor and use all of your work centers to their most productive capacity.Access up–to–date information on all the work being performed in your shop, including job details, schedule, and pending work.

  • Bill of Materials

    This feature defines the relationship between a manufactured or processed item and all of its component materials or tasks required to assemble it. It has the ability to maintain unlimited levels of breakdown and works equally well for manufacturing and process industries.

  • Project Management

    Keep every project on track and within budget with this multi-functional tool. Set a budget for every phase within a project and monitor the associated labor, material, subcontract, general expense, and overhead costs with an easy to use layout.

  • Trim Nesting

    Increases efficiency and cost savings by reducing scrap, setups, and manual sheers; demonstrated to eliminate almost all scrap, dependent on the size of the operation.

Supply-Chain Management
  • Procurement

    This powerful feature will help you find the lowest prices, manage and track your spendings, automate purchase orders based on inventory levels, and streamline your entire supply-chain.

  • Purchase Order Management

    Performs real-time updates of vendor and inventory information, enables a clear perspective on organizational expenditures, and ensures responsible, policy-compliant spending via an automatic routed approval system.

  • Material Requirements Planning (MRP)

    Determine precisely when and how much material should be purchased or manufactured based on a time-phased analysis of sales orders, production orders, purchase orders, current inventory levels and forecasts.

  • Supplier Relationship Management (SRM)

    Whether you purchase resources for just-in-time manufacturing or see this function as a long-term investment, ABIS allows you to manage vendors, analyze trends, and quickly identify the best purchasing opportunity.

  • Asset Management

    For your teams to perform their job efficiently, they can’t waste time looking for pieces of equipment. ABIS tracks every asset with impeccable precision within your warehouse or on a job site, so that your team members never lose another minute searching for important assets.

  • Item Control

    Tracks numbers, costs, prices, transaction histories, locations, and more for materials on-hand; handles an unlimited number of warehouses and allows for access to specific information on an individual item, which can also be printed on purchasing and sales paperwork.

  • Wireless Management System (WMS)

    Quantify units of materials with measurement capabilities specifically customized to accommodate steel components, and automatically handle pricing, sales tax, and production scheduling.

  • Catch-Unit Items

    Maintains dual units of measurement for specific items, automatically calculating the precise weight and/or quantity of materials to ensure accurate costing throughout the development process.

  • Shipping Events

    Monitor all shipping activity in one integrated resource, providing convenient viewing and tracking of pending shipments, and facilitating the optimization of routes, territories, and/or schedules; consolidate new shipments into existing orders as applicable, and enable recurring inter-plant transfers and Bill of Lading creation.

  • Bill of Lading (BoL)

    Print industry-standard, short-form straight bills of lading for sales order transactions shipped using an inside or outside carrier, as well as transfers of stock material; summarize shipping processes in reports for insight and analysis.

  • Load and Route Management

    Provide both load management allowing for maximum efficiency in preparing and monitoring truck cargo, and route management for viewing of tracked deliveries and accessing associated paperwork.

  • Expediting Tracking

    Track all scheduled purchase and sales orders with estimated receipt and ship dates, recording all needed supporting information, and allowing for easy identification and notification of potential shortages and/or late shipments before they occur.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Contact Management

    Our all-in-one platform lets you manage your accounts, review important information such as activity history and prepare a plan of action to increase sales and better service your customers.

  • Opportunity Tracking

    Allow your sales reps to track their opportunities throughout their lifecycle. Information such as lead source, projected close month, and potential revenue is collected to help you optimize your sales process and generate more revenue.

  • Lead Management

    Give your sales reps an array of tools to close more deals faster. They can access all information within the system and ensure each leads is thoroughly worked through so your team never leaves money on the table.

  • Sales Pipeline

    To efficiently manage a sales team, a manager needs to be able to see how many leads came in and were closed, which activities generate most revenue, and forecast future earnings. The sales pipeline gives them all the Key Performance Indicators to make sure your sales department always runs at full speed.

Accounting & Finance
  • Billing & Invoicing

    Easily manage your invoices and automate your billing process to ensure money keeps flowing in without hiccups. Integration with the entire platform lets you pull relevant data such as freight charges and sales tax to ensure 100% accuracy.

  • Account Payables (AP)

    Efficiently manage your company’s expenditures by sorting, organizing, and storing vendor information and transactions forever. By displaying crucial information such as the invoice number, amount, or suggesting the best payment day, ABIS allows you to take quick actions, reducing your workload by 70%.

  • Account Receivables (AR)

    Record and report all facets of customer activity, including aggregate purchases, payment history, available credit, and invoice processing and status.

  • General Ledger (GL)

    Collects and presents data from multiple sources to provide a foundation for other accounting operations; offers a complete, documentable financial history for auditing and analysis.

Business Intelligence
  • Document Imaging

    Create your own business library. ABIS’ storage capabilities allow you to store any type of document (quotes, sales orders, pictures) throughout the entire software, creating your own business library and giving you the key to access it wherever you happen to be.

  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

    Define and measure in real-time Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to generate operational reports and highlight deviations from established plans. Managers and CEOs can then precisely assess overall operational performance and create correction plans to accomplish their goals.

  • Business Process Management (BPM)

    The most performant businesses rely on systematic, carefully-thought procedures, especially in the metal industry. ABIS consulting will help you implement the best procedures in the industry and continuously improve your processes so your company keeps getting better day after day.

  • Address Book

    Business cards organizers are a thing of the past with ABIS’ address book capabilities. You can create an unlimited amount of contacts, sales prospects, customers, vendors, or even employees and manage them accordingly.

Workforce Management
  • Tasks Management

    Efficiently manage your workforce by breaking down your projects in series of tasks. Easily assign tasks to your team members and let the system follow-up with them to ensure the task was complete. It allows you to create advanced workflows and ensure your projects always come to completion in time.

  • Time & Materials

    The secret to rentability and high margin is to know exactly how much your company spends on each job or project. ABIS helps you do this by tracking every hour worked, every equipment used, and every material consumed for each project so you can know by the penny how much a job really costs you.

  • Scheduling

    Manufacturing items is a complex operation that often involve many moving parts. ABIS allows you to schedule them ahead of time and assign them to specific tasks to ensure your company always stays on track.

  • Mobile Workforce

    Most of the workforce performing tasks on the field is plagued with piles of papers to fill day-in day-out. ABIS lets them view and enter relevant information directly form their mobile devices to streamline their work, increase their productivity, and allow your organization to work with real-time information.


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