Grow your HVAC Company by Shedding Light on Your Operation

Growing a garden is fairly straightforward. Plant the seeds in fertile soil, water them, and let the sun shine down to do the rest. By comparison, growing your HVAC business feels like a mysterious magic trick, but really it comes down to almost the same principles.

Step Out of the Dark

You need technical know-how by your service techs to go along with quality parts. These two factors will insure quality work. Think of them as the seeds and the soils. Splash in customers gained through word of mouth and solid marketing and you have the water to make everything flourish. Now all you need is some light on the situation to reveal what sectors of you HVAC operation are powerful and which areas need to be weeded or fertilized.

This seems simple, but that last part feels downright Houdinian for many business owners.

Not All Magic Starts With Abracadabra

Recently I attended my local HVAC association luncheon and learned that less than 15% of HVAC companies are departmentalized. In other words, most companies do not have their GL separated to understand how much revenue comes from their Service side, versus how much comes from new installs of A/C Systems.

More importantly, most HVAC operations not know which side is more profitable.

Sure, many have some sort of vague idea, but managing by gut instinct is not an exact science. Companies that have as little as fifteen technicians can greatly benefit from understanding where their revenues are generated, so this notion you can “just wing it” is not a great idea no matter the size of your HVAC company!

ABIS Can Help

ABIS helps HVAC and other service companies easily decipher where their revenues, profits and expenses come from. By measuring these results, business owners are able to set goals, incentivize behavior, and grow their business.

Business Intelligence is the Goose that Laid the Golden Egg! And you don’t need to plant magic beans or scale a towering beanstalk to cash in.

Jack Of All Trades

As a small business owner, you are already stretched thin in what you have the time to focus on in your business. If you had an ERP (a software solution that integrates otherwise disjointed critical business functions and processes) geared specifically toward your business, you could more accurately control costs and better understand your profit margins.

ABIS allows business owners to incentivize their teams to make incremental improvements in areas that will have a huge impact at the end of the year.

  • Cost Control = Inventory Control and by shedding light on your complete operation from the warehouse to the truck you can keep techs from buying unnecessary inventory or wasting valuable billing hours running from truck to truck looking for parts.
  • Revenues = Understanding and ABIS’s ERP will allow you to ascertain cost per call, gross margin per call, and the loss per call back when a simple inventory item is not on your tech’s service vehicle.
  • What Gets Measured, Gets Controlled, and with a system tailored to the needs of HVAC operations this key information is readily accessible putting light and focus where it needs to be so you can further grow your business.

ABIS connects every department together. From Accounting to Inventory, Logistics, Production & more: handle everything aspect of your business from one software.

  • Wireless Warehouse
  • KPI’s
  • Mobile App
  • Picture documentation in the field
  • Credit Card Processing
  • Google Map Routing
  • Inventory Control
  • Job Costing
  • Automatic Notifications to Customers
  • Document Control

Call ABIS today and learn how we can help you gain control of your business and make your life a little bit easier.