How To Save Your Field Inspectors 8,000 Hours of Work

Ozzie Paz started working in the Utilities Industry in 2004. He is now the Builder Service Manager for Municipal District Services. He explains how Adjutant helped him and his team of Field Inspectors save over 8,000 hours of work last year.

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The Field Inspector’s nightmare

When Ozzie started in the industry, the entire inspection was performed on paper. Paper forms caused several errors such as forms getting lost, being indecipherable, and having duplicate entries. Field Inspectors would waste hours of time trying to figure out what happened and what was the next step. Ozzie stated that they often had to go back to the customer’s location and start the entire inspection over. It would not only hurt their productivity but also generate high volumes of paper needing to be stored. “Sometimes we would spend weekends filing papers, and if anybody called, you had to dig through multiple boxes or go into our archives. It was a nightmare,” explains Ozzie.

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Going Paperless

Adjutant Software was put into place by ABIS, who installed a mobile solution to complete the inspection digitally. Field Inspectors were now seamlessly connected to the office and all files were able to be saved electronically. These files were also able to be sent within minutes to the right person, therefore eliminating several redundant processes at MDS. Inspectors now received

not only complete but accurate information every morning. Searching for archives now only takes minutes instead of hours.
The new processes generated thousands of hours of time savings every year. Ozzie states “we perform over 20,000 inspections a year, and this process saved us an average of 1.5 hours on each of these tasks which would take up to 25% of our time.” This equals to 8,000 hours of work saved every year. Ozzie added, “if you look at our growth, from 2012 until now, we should have already hired somebody; but hiring has been leveling off because of the unforeseen hours saved by Adjutant.”

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Reports KPIs

By MDS now performing their inspections digitally, this allowed them to not only experience a time savings benefit but also gave them the ability to collect valuable data to build custom reports. They are able to compare the number of inspections performed to their average completion time, thus giving them valuable insight into their current productivity. They have more visibility into key performance indicators such as knowing how many taps were set up each month. Knowing these KPIs allows them to watch trends and set future goals. An entirely new level of understanding about their business has been unlocked by Adjutant, and it only makes Municipal District Services more efficient every year.