Benefits of Integrating Your Entire Business Into One Software

Successfully operating a construction or trade specialty business, like metal building construction, requires the capability to efficiently and precisely keep track of expenses. Losing sight of your costs is devastating to a company.

Many businesses have different software systems for various departments, such as payroll, accounting, project management, and a variety of other critical administrative needs. Using several software applications and systems can cause inefficiency by losing and duplicating data, reduced productivity and unacceptable service to clients. Organizations that do not have a system which integrates these critical functions face lost revenue, while those that take advantage of integration accurately track data and increase opportunities and profits.

ERP software can help to ensure that all the systems in the company are capable of communicating with each other, compiling and analyzing data so that you are sure of every aspect of your business. An ERP ensures that you have real-time data, allowing you to make decisions based on accurate knowledge.

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Integrated software improves operational efficiency by providing you with accurate and current data, eliminating costly delays, reducing errors, improving processes, improving production performance, and increasing revenues. Having access to this data lowers operating costs by pinpointing areas of inefficiency and waste. Increasing the effectiveness of your data management helps to make your organization to run leaner while presenting options to boost growth, profitability, and cash flow.

Software specializing in the construction Industry even go a step further, connecting your organization with vital equipment’s and organizations. ABIS software for example, works with AMS Controls to integrate the information transmitted from your roll-formers directly into our software. This gives you a one-stop place to review your material consumption, production capabilities, and even your inventory and employees schedule.

Similarly, ABIS includes automation for IAS AC472 accreditation and has partnered with MBMA, the number one association for Metal Building Manufacturers to automatically create membership reports. Our software captures all of the required data points with every order and exports the required file to be emailed to the MBMA. It is simple, smart, fast, and takes software integration a step further than any combined software.

Another benefit of software integration arises when your teams of representatives are in the field with limited contact with the office. Allowing them to access critical real-time information improves their ability to make sound decisions, improving customer service. ERP systems integrate data from all areas improving communication between departments. You and your field rep instantly know stock levels, upcoming projects, and other information, keys to making quality decisions.

By having access to intelligent data on procurement and inventory, the entire supply chain becomes more responsive. The ERP software helps to process, analyze, and develop data into accurate predictions. Integrating data through ERP simplifies the whole process, from evaluating current stock to scheduling, and everything in between. The system gives you complete oversight over your entire company and allows you to keep key personnel informed. Excellent tracking resources will release the potential of your supply chain, making project oversight a breeze.

An integrated system, designed specifically for your company and its needs, will transform your business making it more productive, lean, and profitable. Managing data throughout your organization is key to ensures that all departments and personnel are on the same page, an essential element to the success of your business. Companies that embrace ERP software, quickly increase profitability and growth.

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