Business Process Management: The Backbone to Running your Business

The goal of any business venture is to grow a strong client base, increase profits, and thrive. Unfortunately, achieving these goals may, at times, seem like an overwhelming and impossible dream. Although it can be difficult for business executives to understand why their operations aren’t expanding the way they’d hoped, the problem can nearly always be traced back to a weak business process management system. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be that way. Business Processes are the heart of what can make or break a business and differentiate you from your competitors.

What is Business Process Management?

Business Process Management (BPM) refers to any related, structured activities that work together to produce goods and/or services in order to fulfill the needs of a client. In addition to describing business processes and protocols, though, BPM goes a step further and calls for the constant improvement of current business models and strives to continuously seek out ways to boost efficiency and effectiveness through innovation, flexibility, and the use of technology. In terms of business process management, good can always be better, and better can always be best. The belief is that through a solid BPM platform, enterprises can operate more smoothly, generate higher revenue, and decrease overhead costs.

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What Role Does BPM Play in My Company?

There are businesses that are stuck in the older school of thought which supports traditional hierarchy. In this business model, tasks are delegated from the “higher-ups”, down through the chain-of-command, leaving executives and higher-level managers “free” of worrying about these items. The problem with this approach is that certain tasks may seem to fall through the cracks or get lost in the shuffle, and no one ever notices.

A solid business process management model is able to keep everyone on the same page without weighing them down. Not only does a BPM enable all players to clearly understand what is expected of them, but it also simplifies the process of staying involved with company-wide events. By integrating an organizational, industry-specific software system into your BPM, for instance, one could expect benefits like:

  • Easy contract review and tracking
  • Ability to instantly review and approve purchase orders
  • Access to real-time field labor & inventory updates
  • Streamlined scheduling processes
  • Immediate access to work orders
  • Simple creation, modification, and review of invoices
  • Monitor payment statuses
  • Ability to create and delegate tasks
  • Tracking of task progress
  • Task prioritizing capabilities
  • Alerts for deadlines and incomplete tasks

This proactive type of BMP system ensures that no customer will ever be forgotten, and no task will ever be left undone while still allowing for significant time savings and reduced overhead costs.

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What Does Solid Business Process Management Look Like?

A successful BMP platform will always be clearly aligned to your goals. Change can be difficult for employees to accept, so there has to be a payoff. One of the simplest ways to re-structure your system is to select a software system that will provide fast and measurable results. When workers can see for themselves how much more quickly a purchase order approval can be made, schedule their team, access contracts, and organize tasks by priority, they will feel more confident in the business process management model and more satisfied with their work. Be sure to continuously evaluate your business processes and procedures, interview staff, and talk with clients about areas where improvements can be made.

As a backbone of the modern industry, it affects business and process development, impacts customer satisfaction through better processes and service, and reduces costs and increases revenue. A great business process management system is never complete, but always getting better.

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