ABIS combines the most powerful ERP software with
30+ years of best-practices to maximize your profits.

ABIS combines the power of an Industry-based ERP Software with 30+ years of Industry knowledge.

Metal Industry

Manage steel, coils, and every aspect of your metal business with our complete ERP software.

Construction Industry

ABIS will give you the tools and insigths to always deliver projects on-time and within budget

Service Industry

Manage every aspect of your business and increase the productivity of your mobile workforce.


ABIS combines the power of an Industry-based ERP Software with 30+ years of Industry knowledge.

Whether you are estimating costs, managing labor, materials, and production, or tracking shipping and invoicing, ABIS provides access to every detail you need to complete your projects on-time and within-budget.


Optimize schedules and routes, track every item and streamline entire logistics to maximize performance.


Oversee your production cycle and install the processes that increase profit margin.

Project Managment

Plan, schedule, manage your teams and assets to lead every project to completion.


Manage your customers, feed your pipelines, and harvest your efforts with a fully integrated CRM solution.


Predict assets consumption, analyze purchase history, and erase redundancy in your order process.


Optimize inventory levels, anticipate the needs and never lose an asset ever again.


Manage assets, expenses and monitor cash flow to optimize resources.

What makes ABIS special?

Apart from being nominated amongst the fastest-growing companies in the United States, ABIS is also constantly recognized for it’s culture. We develop a special relationship with our client-partners because we believe in our mission: to make their life more simple by making their business smarter. As for the employees, ABIS has been recognized several time as one of Houston’s best and brightest company to work for.


We are on a mission: help small and medium size businesses save hours and gain freedom


We strive to inspire innovation
and drive change


We are not a team, we are a family,
and we want you to be part of it

We cultivate our differences

A good job isn’t just about the paycheck and insurance benefits. At ABIS, we are in a mission to contribute to the greater good of our industry. We believe our work can help small and medium-size businesses save hours of work allowing them to spend it on what matters – life.

We also believe a workplace should be a place where professionalism meets fun, not stress and orders. Our culture is our best tool for success, and ABIS is constantly recognized for it. In 2015, we were awarded for a fourth year in a row as one of the Best and Brightest companies to work for in Houston.

We don’t believe in the word customer

Most business books will tell you that to have a good customer relationship you need knowledge of your product, an ability to read your customer, and a positive language. At ABIS, we don’t believe in any of this. Actually, we don’t believe in customers at all. We believe in partners, treated like family, in a community that grows and evolves together. From the way our software is built, to utilizing best practices from every industry, to the level of commitment we put into every project – we are dedicated to consider each client as family.

Transform your company into a world-class business

Performance Analysis

Stop manually tracking results, ABIS is the tool to precisely analyze your productivity.

Department Integration

Why use multiple software for accounting, inventory and else? ABIS does it all.

Minimum Supervision

Don’t waste time micro-managing. ABIS installs checks/balances to prevent mistakes.

Accelerate Growth

Your are growing but your multiple software can’t keep up? ABIS is here.

Inventory Tracking

Track inventory items and get notified when inventory levels near minimum quantities.

Cloud Storage

Eliminate paper and office storage by keeping files in a cloud system. Forever.

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About ABIS

ABIS was founded in 1983, and in the 40 years since, we have established our niche in the steel sector. Our team continues to build upon industry best practices to offer the most comprehensive, robust business process management software available – the Adjutant Software Platform. We’ve built ourselves on the premise that you shouldn’t need any more than one great software to effectively automate your operations, and we’re determined to spend the next 40 years continuing to make business smarter across North America.

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