Cash Management

Bank Reconciliation

Adjutant’s Bank Reconciliation module provides companies with the ability to accurately track and balance all cash activities on a daily, if not up-to-the-minute, basis. Keeping an accurate tab on cash flow is an important part of your business and with capability to handle an unlimited number of accounts, Adjutant provides you all of the information you need to make better cash flow decisions.

Transactions that are entered into the Bank Reconciliation module are automatically posted to the General Ledger, no other journal entries are necessary. All transactions, deposits, and checks entered in other modules are automatically posted into this module. Adjutant shows which transactions have cleared your bank and then reconciles the book balance to the bank balance. Cleared items are tracked by cleared date so that reconciliation can occur at any time.

Electronic bank routing codes for each bank account can be defined. These codes are used by the Electronic Funds Transfer Agency (EFTA) to process transactions related to the bank account. You are able to define the branch and address for the bank branch where you maintain the bank account. This information can be used when printing checks from the integrated Accounts Payable and Receivables modules.

Advanced Accounts Payable

  • ACH Payments – Vendors can be paid through Automated Clearing House (ACH) formatted files emailed directly from Adjutant with the click of a button. Direct bank-to-bank processing via ACH skips the hassles of physical checks, mail, and paper chasing and gets your partners paid faster.
  • MICR Checks

Credit Card Merge

Quickly merge all AP Invoices paid by a credit card for each billing period by using the Credit Card Merge screen.

Custom Bank Integration

Lock Box – Adjutant has several options and built-in features for integrating with your bank’s electronic lock box system.

Positive Pay – If your bank offers the extra layer of security and fraud prevention offered with a positive pay solution, Adjutant can do that. Adjutant has several positive pay formats already defined and ready to go. If your bank uses a unique file format that we don’t already offer, we can custom-build the solution and have you integrating with your bank in no time. A simple request screen generates the file in whichever format your bank needs and places the file in a dedicated location on your server. Processed checks are automatically marked as sent to the bank, and you have the option to reset and recreate files in case of any issues during the upload to your bank. Adjutant can also handle multiple bank formats if you are integrating with more than one bank.

Cleared Checks/Deposits

Adjutant’s Bank Reconciliation can automatically clear matching bank transactions from a simple import file. Save hours on monthly bank reconciliation and let the bank’s data do the work.

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