Adjutant Manufacturing Execution System (MES)


Adjutant’s Production automates manufacturing and assembly from start to finish, with clear visibility into each step of the process and full integration with Adjutant’s other modules. Production work orders list every part needed for assembly or fabrication based on a Bill of Materials and allocate and track parts from inventory. With the push of a single button, Adjutant’s Production automatically executes a Route and schedules production tasks that can be viewed by business owners and customers through customized Web portals. When production is complete, the system creates a new manufactured item in inventory. The item becomes a unique asset whose sales and service history can be tracked throughout its entire life cycle.

The deep integration with other Adjutant applications and detailed tracking for every step of the process provides you with complete visibility into the production process. Inventory accounting is immediately created both for work-in-process allocation and final assembly. Detailed reports offer a complete accounting picture of raw material costs and finished good inventory value.

Adjutant’s detailed tracking, powerful reporting and production management tools help you find issues as soon as they happen and makes it easy to correct the situation. Plus, the production module has built-in safety checks that help alert you to allocation mistakes, incorrect materials, incomplete assemblies, and many more issues that can slow you down, cost you money, or harm you customer satisfaction level.

Bills of Material

Adjutant’s Bill of Material defines the relationship between a manufactured or processed item and all of its component materials or tasks required to assemble it. It has the ability to maintain unlimited levels of breakdown and works equally well for manufacturing and process industries.

The Bill of Material allows both physical items and standard tasks to be components in the production process. To accommodate real world manufacturing, we have extensive support for substitution of alternate items at the time of processing. Alternate Items are allowed to have completely different requirements for quantities then the normal bill. For example a build may take 5 1-inch screws or 4 1.5-inch screws.

Production Work Order Routing

Adjutant’s Production features automate manufacturing and assembly from start to finish, with clear visibility into each step of the process and full integration with Adjutant’s related modules. Production work orders list every part needed for assembly or fabrication based on a Bill of Materials with allocations and detailed inventory tracking. Scheduling and creating work orders happens with the push of a button from the sales order. Production work can be generated all at once, by department, or by individual line item depending on how your shop operates.

Production Scheduling

The Production Scheduling tool offers a way to manage all of the production work orders in your shop with an on-screen display based on production plant and due date. From one screen, you can quickly find orders using common filters and reschedule, reprint, or change orders with just a few clicks.

Shop Floor Control

In a typical job shop, knowing the status of a job is the key to efficient shop floor control. You need to know how new orders and change orders affect your shop load, and which jobs to run on which machine. It’s critical that you can optimize set ups and eliminate any barriers to shipping on time.

Adjutant’s Shop Floor Control is a powerful yet easy to use software tool that gives you the ability to efficiently schedule your shop floor and use all of your work centers to their most productive capacity. Access up to date information on the current activity in your shop, including job details and the order work needs to be performed is easily available within Adjutant. Before committing to a schedule, you can quickly identify bottlenecks on the shop floor and compare the work you have committed against your ability to do the work. With Adjutant, you always know the status of a job on the shop floor: including production status, cost variables and shipping schedules.

Production Labels

Label one or all of produced items that will enhance the end users capability to find or sort the item they ordered.

Modification Processor

Turn an item into another item quickly that can also capture costs like outside processes or frieght charges. Modification Processor can be used to split intentory items into different quantites.

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