Project Management

Project Management

Adjutant’s Project Management is a one-stop-shop for everything related to customer or internal projects. The Project Management module brings together all of the activities tied to a project in one location, making it easy to see all of the related actions and records that help make up a project in one spot. You can track key details from every sales order, purchase order, production work order, shipping event and carton, and even tasks, invoices, and payables. Project Management gives you everything you need to manage a project’s progress or find anything that has happened in Adjutant related to that project.

Project Phases let you define distinct project stages that can be tied to the orders and tasks linked to projects. Phases let you control the different dates related to each stage, as well as setting the budget and financial benchmarks for each phase. Phases can help you analyze project progress and control project shipping deadlines.

With every system tied together, you can see all related costs in one place on the Project Job Cost tab in each project record. The Job Cost display gives you a quick way to verify whether the project is on track to be profitable and adjust as soon as possible. The Project Grid tool offers intelligent filters and a customizable grid display that lets you drill down into any record; you can manage all of your projects from one location and stay on top of changes as they happen.

Combining the comprehensive tracking and control of Project Management with Business Process Management features like Tasks and Routes can open up new automations and workflow enhancements that help your employees stay on track of projects every step of the way. With automated alerts and task assignments, projects can move from department to department, with responsibilities and deadlines made clear at every step. Your employees can always know what is expected and what needs to happen, without dropping the ball due to lack of information.

Project Tracking

Full Integration

Project Reporting

Change Order Processing

Keep track of all changes to a project that affect the contract amount or any project deliverable. Project Change Orders are visible and reportable directly from the project and maintain a clear record of any changes from the original scope. The Adjutant Change Order form conveys the critical information needed and keeps a historical record of all changes to the project.

Multi-Phase Tracking

Project Phase Tracking lets you define, contrl and prioritize timed rollouts or production staging for all of your projects. Project phases are visible and reportable throughout the Project Management system with targeted phase date tracking, phase date-based alerts and phase completion tracking.

Job Cost Tracking

Powerful management reporting, detailed accounting capabilities, flexibility, and control best describe the Job Cost module for Adjutant. This module is specifically developed for project-oriented industries and manufacturers. In today’s competitive market, with profit margins getting tighter, the Job Cost module is an essential management tool for keeping a close eye on the job profitability.

Adjutant’s Job Cost tools give you the ability to track cost revenue information down to the fine detail for every job (project). Job costs are always visible directly in the project screen giving you instant answers for shipped and unshipped costs on demand. Numbers are updated with every transaction, so there is no need to wait overnight or for a special update. Job costs are displayed as totals by product group with full item-level details in a separate area, giving you everything you need to make decisions.

With MBS Estimating, you can calculate estimated costs in preparation for a proposal. Maintain a custom database or choose from selected industry database of standard material and labor costs upon which you can base estimates. After a proposal is accepted, you can easily transfer estimate information to establish budgets for the new job. Once in progress, analyze actual to budget costs, allowing adjustments to maintain profitability throughout the job.

Whether you invoice on a completed contract or a percentage of completion, Job Cost will handle all of your billing requirements. We have created custom job cost solutions for multiple client needs over the years from our best-practices full-featured Job Cost Report to simpler solutions built for quick, high-level cost analysis.

The Job Cost module is integrated with Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Time Clock, Inventory Management, Sales Order, Purchase Order, and General Ledger to ensure your ability to share common information required in an efficient job cost system. And adding Auto Alerts can keep your staff on top of daily changes in business. Controlling costs is a key to success.

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