Document Imaging

Document Vault

The Document Imaging module creates Document Vaults for almost every record in the Adjutant suite of applications. There are more than twenty Document Vaults tied to individual applications in Adjutant including Organizations, Purchase Orders, Projects, Sales Orders, Production Work Orders, and even individual coil records. Each record inside of each application has a dedicated vault to store documents and images that can be instantly viewed and reproduced by anyone in your organization with the proper security access. No more waiting for the clerk to pull files or hunting across several desks for the right drawings or the right contract; they can all be attached directly to the project record. Document Vault processes can create automation and accountability across your organization.

A/P Voucher Automation

The Document Imaging system also includes a special interface with the Accounts Payable application to easily enforce best practices and to make AP invoice creation quick and simple. The AP Voucher process creates a unique Document Vault with a unique email account for receiving and processing invoices emailed from your vendors. AP invoice documents go directly to a special processing queue where they can be reviewed and quickly turned into payables with the vendor’s original invoice attached.

Document Vault Attachments

The Document Imaging system also offers process automation with easy-to-use email tags that let you forward file attachments directly to a specific record’s Document Vault. Adjutant uses a dedicated email account established in your email domain that ties directly to the Document Imaging system and saves file attachments right where you need them. Imagine receiving an email with a signed contract and forwarding it directly to the customer’s organization record, or the sales order, or the project record, or better yet, all three records at once. Imagine taking pictures from a site, or creating a hand-drawing with details and sending it directly from your phone to the right record in Adjutant where everyone can see it instantly. Document Vault email tags can quickly transform the way you work and put you in a better position to support your customers with efficiency and authority. For internal processes, they can also eliminate excuses like ‘I didn’t see that’ or ‘Nobody gave that to me’. The files can always be right where they are supposed to be.

Document Vault Interface

The Document Vault screen includes file management and even basic image markup tools for adding custom notes or highlights to images and PDF files. These tools make it easy to move files directly into the Document Vault, or even share files to another record’s vault. The markup tools offer a convenient way to highlight documents so that key details are not overlooked.

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