Advanced Financials

Financial Report Writer

The Adjutant’s Financial Report Writer is the key to reporting financial data from the General Ledger. The FRW gives users control of their Financial Reports as all reports can be completely defined to meet specific reporting requirements of the organization.  All required financial reports for internal management and external reporting purposes can be developed in the FRW. The various audiences will require the data with different levels of detail, reporting periods, and type of data. Adjutant’s FRW makes it easy to respond to all users reporting needs.

The module comes with a number of sample reports which can be used as a basis for new reports, or reports can be designed from scratch.

Financial Roll-Up Groups

Financial Roll-Up Groups let you define custom general ledger groupings that can provide insights beyond just reviewing costs and expenses as a whole. Roll-Up Groups let you define and analyze custom business groups or operations based on their general ledger activity.


Set up and track budgets by general ledger account easily with simple export and import tools that let you quickly modify and establish budgets year to year. Budgets can be set up for currency accounts as well as statistical accounts providing flexibility for any needs.

Financial Report Sets

Automate monthly financial analysis reporting with bundled report sets that can be delivered directly to email or a file storage solution without fail and without waiting on personnel.

Recurring Journal Entries

Adjutant lets you automate the posting of recurring journal entries, monthly standard entries, and even monthly expense redistribution with a batched solution that offers flexible setup and easy processing.

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