ERP for the Manufacturing and Utility Industries
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Put an end to unreliable inventory and perform

your end of year inventory in minutes


Adjutant ScreenshotTo be able to use your material resources effectively, you have to know what you’ve got available, how much of it, and where it’s located. Using ABIS’ ERP, you can be confident that you always have the latest and most accurate information on every aspect of your operation’s inventory, always correct and always at your fingertips.

  • Track numbers, costs, prices, transaction histories, and locations
  • Rely on a 100% accurate inventory
  • Deploy scanner technology
  • Instantly collect data during receiving, put-away, picking, and packing
  • Perform End-of-Year Inventory in minutes
  • Automatically calculate the precise weight and/or quantity of materials


Catch Weight Inventory and Secondary Unit of Measurement

Inventory Management – Item Control

Catch Unit Items

Inventory Management

Maintains dual units of measurement for specific items, automatically calculating the precise weight and/or quantity of materials to ensure accurate costing throughout the development process.Tracks numbers, costs, prices, transaction histories, locations, and more for materials on-hand; handles an unlimited number of warehouses and allows for access to specific information on an individual item, which can also be printed on purchasing and sales paperwork.


Vendor Managed Inventory

WMS – Wireless Warehouse Management

Vendor Managed Inventory

Wireless Warehouse Management

Streamlines supply chain operations by digitizing and optimizing the purchase order process; tracks and guides orders based upon established objectives for customer inventory levels and transaction costs.Simplifies and improves manufacturing inventory processes through the use of scalable handheld scanner technology, which instantly collects data during receiving, put-away, picking, and packing.






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