4 Mobility Solutions ROI for Utility Businesses

In a world where mobile devices are multiplying 5 times faster than humans, mobility and data collection has become essential to field work businesses. It enabled them to increase productivity, streamline workflows and run daily operations more smoothly. But to make that jump to an entirely fluid business, utility companies need the right partner. ABIS experience and technology provides all the mobility solutions to become this collaborator.

1. Fasten Workflow Management

Integrating tablets and smartphones solutions for field workers has been one of the major sources of productivity gains for utilities businesses. It enables them to perform maintenance routines and service calls with the same level of professionalism as office personnel. Field workers can use their tablets to open work orders, update real-time status, add any type of information about the customer or the task performed, and track equipment usage. It increases productivity, fastens workflow management, centralize CRM information, and helps utility businesses run more efficiently.

2. Enhance Communication

By implementing connectivity solutions to their mobile workforce, utility companies have been able to get real- time visibility over work status and workflow management. Employees update work-in-progress information, get notified on-site about maintenance schedule and manage recurring task. It improves communication between in-house and mobile workforce which ensures that your business runs more smoothly.

3. Optimize Resource Management

Use mobility solutions to incorporate inventory tracking and predictive data analysis to streamline resources management. Management teams know in real-time how many assets are in stock and how many are being used. They know the precise location of every resource at any given time and can share it with the entire company. By unlocking the potential of predictive analysis, the purchase and procurement department is updated with stock levels in real-time and advised on the best course of action to follow based on purchase history and advanced behavior analysis. Since mobility solutions provide access to enhanced data, utility businesses have been able to develop financial models to get in front of cost trends, cost analysis and predictive financial analysis.

4. Streamline the Supply-Chain

ABIS mobility solutions develop new ways and new processes to track and manage inventory. Our client-partners implemented scanners to tag every item from the reception platform to storage, allocate it to the right resource and monitor assets consumption by in-house and mobile workforce. The entire supply-chain is revisited for better tracking, more accurate inventory levels, and better resource allocation generating unprecedented gains in turnover ratios and profitability.