Cost of Construction Software

Having the right software for your construction company makes the difference between getting the work done and getting the work done right. But most construction companies are concerned over the cost of implementing construction software in their operations. We’ve put together a list of factors that go into construction software pricing so you can make the best decision for your business.

Company size and User Count

When implementing new software, it’s important to consider how many of your teams or departments you want to have integrated into the program. You may want to include accounting, sales, project management, procurement, and any other area needing visibility into operations. A major factor affecting the cost is your company size and your need for support in implementation and training for employees for long-term success.


Along with the size of your company, the complexity of the software required will play an important role in cost. For instance, you may or may not need to integrate as many departments with the software depending on your business needs. Or if your business does custom manufacturing, you might need more modules and more flexibility in the planning process.

On Premise or Cloud-Based

Construction software is considered on premise when it is put into the hands of the company’s IT staff. Companies usually pay a yearly support or maintenance cost. This kind of software generally works for larger construction companies who already have an operating IT staff. Cloud-based construction software works well for smaller construction businesses who do not have the IT staff to run their construction software. Generally, whether cloud-based or on premise options are utilized, the cost really depends on the needs of each individual company, but cloud-based software options generally have a faster timeline for implementation.

Company Goals

Ultimately, what truly matters is that your company reaches its goals. Your software needs should be based on what you would like to accomplish. And getting the right construction software to fit the needs of your business is a must! Not implementing or choosing the wrong construction software holds your company back in the long-term. Construction software is meant to streamline communications and operations so your company is more efficiently racing towards its goal.

Every construction company differs in its needs, wants, and goals. Construction software should be tailored to fit the size and complexity of your business. To get an estimate on your company’s construction software needs, contact us today!